It will be a www.tiscalli brief thrill that won't outweigh conference chaos it creates It will be a brief thrill that won't outweigh conference chaos it creates It possible.Who knows this takes two years or 20, but it possible.And for the sake of nfl and college pigskin, which seems intent on cannibalizing itself beyond all fame, let hope that realization comes before the entire landscape is redrawn by one program inferiority complex and a television channel that few could eventually watch. Obviously, after months of rumors and threats and secret dialogue with the sec, texas a is finally ready for the series.The aggies are leaving huge 12, leaving texas and the longhorn system, and frightening to blow up college athletics as we know them.It not endorsed, not 100 nought per cent done, but there no going back now.After school leader r.Bowen loftin recognised thursday that texas a has formally notified the big 12 of its desire to leave, they just a couple of weeks of paperwork and legalese away from being in the sec. Just 14 months ago in the course of the first conference expansion crisis, the 10 remaining members of the big 12 including texas a agreed to stay together and create an alliance that was supposed to serve all of their needs.Given that bond is gone, and suddenly there another green light for all hell to break loose attending school athletics. The sec will eventually find a 14th team to pair with texas a maybe, the same as last time, features won change much.But for anyone who fundamentally enjoys nfl and college pigskin who, despite all of its flaws and scams, loves all the quirks and traditions and competition that this sport has provided for 100 years for this states history a nightmare. There no way to be sure how it will play out, but texas a departure leaves the big 12 awfully vulnerable and just a breath away from being not sustainable.One more rise in the wrong direction could be the straw that sends texas, ok and okla state running to the pac 12, which more than likely would prompt the big 10 and sec to expand, which would resulted in the acc and big east waging a war for survival.Regarding, national gathering armageddon is right at our doorstep. But as one reaction leads to the next, will anybody stop to think about what the future of nfl and college pigskin would look like?This can be sport whose brand and appeal is built on rivalries and regionalism.The big 12 experience is fundamentally completely totally more advanced than the big 10, the brand of football played in the pac 12 is distinctive from the sec, and we revel in arguing all year round about what better.Games like oregon lsu next saturday are exciting mainly because they represent a contrast of geography, culture and convention.A number of people football teams, in several ways, probably have become secondary. If that sacrificed exclusively use four large, rather homogeneous seminars, college football gives up the very thing that helped make it popular from the get go. Texas a can talk all it wants about getting a bigger paycheck from the sec and total well being breaking Pandora Glass Beads free from texas, but the fleeting satisfaction of striking out on their own will pale in comparison with the enjoyment of having a 100 year old rival to hate.Nothing increases the aggies more enjoyment than beating texas, but you can better the longhorns anymore after you run away from them.College sports are big big business, clearly, but aren they also said to be fun? Fans don find yourself at count the millions, the wins.And as meetings get bigger and more competitive, the unintended consequence is that accountant los angeles losers every year.You can finish ninth in a 12 team sec in today's times, still make a bowl game and convince yourself by signing day that a bcs bid is coming.But hypothetically adding texas a va tech, florida state and missouri only means you might have some awfully expensive 12th place finishes. More disjointed fan bases, more well known coaching changes, more cheating welcome to the new world of college athletics that could derive from a recklessness.Superconferences sound exciting until it becomes clear that somebody has to lose. In the best 12, texas a plays two teams texas and oklahoma that will have equal or better talent in a typical year.That as favorable a path to a national title as a will ever see.Good luck in alabama, auburn, lsu, wyoming, new jersey, georgia and Pandora Charms UK Sale all everything else.Unlike that gauntlet, the longhorn net, which will feature mostly filler programs and not marquee events, will sense that a minor obstacle. But the aggies will have their money and they have discovered their spite, and by god they have shown the longhorns they can live with out them.Eventually, despite the fact, they realize it just distinctive life, not a far better one.