Abhijit banerjee on un control panel on post Indian economist abhijit banerjee is among the 26 can provide homeowners been named by un secretary general http://www.mowi2.com/nike-free-run/mens-nike-free-run-2.html ban ki moon as members of a high level panel to advise the world body on the global development agenda beyond 2015, the target date for the millennium further advancement goals(Mdgs). The panel will be co chaired by indonesian chief executive susilo bambang yudhoyono, president of liberia ellen mowi2 outlet uk johnson sirleaf and british pm david cameron. Banerjee is currently the ford foundation international professor of economics at the boston institute of technology.All over 2003, he co founded http://www.mowi2.com/nike-free-run.html the abdul latif jameel lower income action lab. Have asked my high level panel to prepare a bold yet practical engineering vision to present to member states next year, ban recounted. Look forward to the panel tips about a global post 2015 agenda with shared responsibilities for all countries and with the fight against poverty and sustainable development at its core. People of the panel include president of brazil institute for applied economic research, vanessa petrelli corr;Member of the admin general mdg advocacy group yingfan wang;Japan former pm naoto kan;Queen rania of nike air nike test;Ceo of unilever, john polman;And economic adviser to russian chief executive vladimir putin, elvira nabiullina.